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We at Brookwood Designs have extensive experience working with glazes in various techniques and employing specific colors and layers to add depth and style. We also work with the beautiful products by Faux Effects® such as Lusterstone, Sandstone and Plastertex. These products not only have beautifully unique finishes, but can be used to add actual texture to a wall, and are great for raised stenciling. See below for individual descriptions of the products we use:

Glaze: A translucent “paint” that may be applied over another color. Because there are so many tools and techniques for applying this product, there are an endless number of effects that can be achieved. Although it´s only a two-dimensional product, the finished look can vary from being soft and subtle to having a three–dimensional appearance. It has the ability to show great movement with a variety of color and organic patterns.

LusterStone: This versatile product creates beautiful reflective patterns. Metallic looks, soft sueded finishes, glossy sheens and stone-like surfaces are some of the many possible effects of this product.

Venetian Gem Plaster: This can be matte in finish with a “velvet” touch, or polished to a glass-like hard sheen. Can be used almost flat or with strong texture.

Sandstone: A gritty product embedded with a chunky brown aggregate. Can be used for anywhere from simple to complex textures.

Plastertex and Faux Tex: Two stone-like products with a “hard hand”. Great organic finishes.

Ovilla: Another plaster–like material with a soft feel and matte finish.

Our portfolio of decorative finishes covers a varied cross–sampling of the effects we've been hired to create and it shows a large variety of the techniques that the products we use can achieve. However, we could never produce a portfolio of all the finishes that we are able to create. Therefore please allow these images to spark your imagination, not confine it.

As well, these finishes are very difficult to capture in a photograph, especially those that achieve their effect largely through their textures. Therefore, if you are seriously interested in such a technique, please contact us in order to see our physical portfolio of sample boards.